It’s become a tradition here in the United States, once school is out for the summer; millions of kids pack up and head off to have the time of their life at day camp. Day Camp in the Park, being one of the leading day camps near Nanuet, offers a wide range of activities and programs that will greatly benefit your child’s life. And to prove that, we have come up with three of the top reasons why kids benefit from going to day camp!

  • Being at day camp encourages independence. Spending the day away from home allows your son or daughter to become much more independent and more self-reliant. You won’t be there to help and serve them, so instead they learn to take care of and do things for themselves. And while this may seem like a scary thought, remember that our amazing day camp staff is always there for our campers!
  • New friends are everywhere at day camp. For a lot of parents, their main fear is that their son or daughter won’t have any friends at their new camp. While your child may walk into day camp the first day not knowing anyone, by the end of the day, they will have a ton of new best friends to tell you about!
  • Plenty of opportunities to explore new things. Besides getting the opportunity to walk around our amazing day camp grounds, children will also get to explore new possible interests. We offer a wide array of day camp activities that children are sure to love. There’s something for everyone at Day Camp in the Park and plenty of time to explore every possible option!

Now, doesn’t sending your son or daughter to day camp sound like the perfect idea next summer?! If you’re looking to send your child to the best day camp near Nanuet, then make sure to call Day Camp in the Park today at (845)-638-2515 for more information or to schedule an upcoming tour!