Day Camp in The Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Our camp is located off exit 16 of the Palisades Parkway on magnificent, Lake Tiorati. We are 15 minutes from Clarkstown, and 35 minutes from the George Washington Bridge.

Camp runs from approximately 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Most groups are led by certified teachers and they have two assistant counselors and two CIT’s (9th or 10th graders). There are approximately 15 children per group.
Children are placed by age, grade and sex.
The nursery (four and five year olds) is coed.
Door to door transportation is provided in almost every case. Hot Lunch is an additional fee. All lunches are refrigerated and all children are given lemonade and ice cream/ices each day.
A towel, bathing suit, wearing sneakers, sun tan lotion and a sweatshirt for a cold, rainy day should be brought to camp each day. Sometimes, children like to bring two bathing suits, depending upon the weather.
90% of senior staff returns each year and approximately 70% of our campers return to camp each year.
No one is forced to do any activity at camp. We offer many choices, sometimes, within each period for our campers. Our incredible array of activities (from sailing to skateboarding, art to archery) offers programs for each type of individual.
Our licensed professionals teach swimming, softball, basketball, boating, karate, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, skateboarding, arts & crafts, ceramics, woodworking, archery, drama, and music.
Who provides for my child if she becomes sick or ill?
A licensed school nurse is on staff to take care of our children.
45% are from Manhattan
40% are from Rockland County
15% are from Westchester, Bergen, and Orange Counties.
In almost all cases a licensed teacher directs each group.
We employ social workers and school psychologists to help remediate a situation if necessary.
Parents are welcome to visit. We just ask that you call first.
Licensed teachers direct each group.
Our camp is a 500 acre nature preserve with our own waterpark and incredible boating center. We have an incredibly, diverse program to meet the needs of almost all children.
Ken Glotzer started DCITP 38 years ago. He is the Executive Director and previous to starting DCITP helped to create and direct Ramaquois Day Camp and the RCC Sports Academy. Ken also created the only Masters program for Camp Administration and Leadership with the American Camp Association and Touro College. He’s also the author of a book called ““There Is No Place Like Camp”. Ken recently retired from the Clarkstown School District where he taught Social Studies for over 30 years, in addition to serving as Department Chairperson of the Social Studies Department at Clarkstown Highschool South.
Please consult the parent’s icon on our website for further information on key personnel at camp.

Since 1979 Day Camp In The Park has been providing an affordable summer camp for kids from Manhattan, Rockland County, Bergen County, Westchester County and Orange County. Day Camp In The Park Is a beautiful day camp only 30 minutes from Manhattan. This beautiful summer camp is located on a magnificent Lake within 500+ majestic acres of Harriman State Park in Rockland County.