The Great Adventure Program and Challenge Program was developed for the child that wants to learn the following skills: – Backpacking – Trail Navigating – Map Reading – Orienteering – Pioneering – How to pitch a tent – Campfire Skills – Survival Skills – Knot Tying Children that go on this Great Adventure will develop an appreciation for the “Great Outdoors.” They will build their teamwork skills, self-esteem, and will

Children between the ages of 10 and 15 are eligible for our mini-travel program. This program will include a weekly day trip. Some of our trips may include:– Six Flags: Great Adventure Action Park – Rye Playland – County Fairs – Comedy Clubs – Horseback Riding – Sports Parks – And MORE!

Our Counselor in Training Program is available to a select group of 14 and 15 year olds who want to be Counselors in the future. If accepted into this program, each C.I.T. will be assigned to a group or special activity as an assistant to the Senior Counselor. Special meetings will be held daily to assess the experiences and progress of the group. Our C.I.T.’s who do well are considered

The sleep-overs will be available during week 3 of camp. The sleepover nights will be on Wednesday and Thursday nights for children between the ages of 9 and 13.


Mar 2017

Nursery Program

Four and five year olds have one counselor for every two children, a special shallow water pool and a cabin of their very own. There is an abundance of age appropriate climbing and playground equipment and sports program as well as a nature and arts and crafts program.

At Day Camp In The Park, we offer a variety of summer camp programs. Our camp is designed to provide opportunities for each child to enjoy the satisfaction of personal accomplishments. These may take the form of an individual achievement, such as the mastery of swimming, the ability to create a work of art, or the kind of stimulation that occurs when the camper is involved in a group activity

Spending time in the water can also be positive for children’s mental health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Swimming may improve mood and decrease anxiety. Families that spend time swimming together could experience enhanced family bonding. Kids could enjoy swimming more than other types of exercise, so, if you provide your children with opportunities to swim, they may be more likely to exercise.

Noted experts in child development have expressed their thoughts on summer camp as a valuable resource for giving children the value of belonging to a community of their own. This position is being forwarded by the American Camp Association, which believes that the critically important sense of community for children is rooted in enabling and empowering children to be belonging, cooperating, contributing, and caring citizens.The camp community seeks to satisfy

The best way to spend summer break is getting out and having full, fun, and adventurous days! But, entertaining your kids for those long summer days can be exhausting. Day Camp In The Park is the perfect way to give your child something totally memorable for their summer break without having to do any planning. Get them out of the house and exploring, creating, and discovering something new. Register Today! 

For some kids, separation anxiety can get right in the way of fun. It can, in some cases, even lead to physical symptoms like stomach and headaches. With anxiety in the way, camp isn’t the fun, carefree experience it should be. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts we recommend for sending an anxious child to camp. Do: Listen to their worries and keep an open dialogue about them. Don’t: Belittle their worries or