– When kids take a break from TV, cell phones, and the Internet, they rediscover their creative powers and engage the real world— real people, real activities, and real emotions. They realize, there’s always plenty to do Call Us Now For More Information(845) 638-2515

Camp is the perfect place for kids to practice making decisions for themselves without parents and teachers guiding every move. Managing their daily choices in the safe, caring environment of camp, children welcome this as a freedom to blossom in new directions.   Call Today For More Information(845) 638-2515

Camp is a wonderful antidote to “nature deficit disorder,” to the narrow experience of modern indoor life. Outdoor experience enriches kid’s perception of the world and supports healthy child development.   Call Us Today (845) 638-2515

Camp is the place where kids make their very best friends. Free from the social expectations pressuring them at school, camp encourages kids to relax and make friends easily. All the fun at camp draws everyone together— singing, laughing, talking, playing, doing almost everything together.   Call Us Today (845) 638-2515

Summer camps are perfect places to help children optimize their psychosocial development. Summer camps are places where children get the experiences they need to bolster their range of coping strategies. There are simple challenges of learning how to build a fire, going on a hike, or conquering a high ropes course. Other more complex challenges include getting along with a new group of peers, learning how to ask for help