You’ve probably heard this before and it may sound like a broken record, but summer camp is a great place to send your child. You’ve also probably done a ton of research on this and still need a little more convincing. Besides all of the fun that comes along with a summer at camp, children gain lifelong skills that will stay with them when they leave at the end of

Summer is finally officially here, which can only mean one thing… There are only a few days left until the first day of summer camp at Day Camp in the Park! Here at camp, we are getting everything ready to give our campers the best summer ever. From training the staff to getting the lake ready, we are getting more and more excited everyday when we think about how great this summer

We may start in about two weeks at Day Camp in the Park, so do you still not know what your son or daughter will be doing this summer? The earlier that you choose a day camp, the cheaper and less stressful your search will be, however it’s not too late! At Day Camp in the Park, we are a summer camp in Rockland County. For families in surrounding areas, we are

Parents, when thinking back to childhood summers, can you remember all of the fun and great times you had at summer camp? Now, you probably don’t want your children to miss out on this awesome opportunity, right? If you never got the chance to go co-ed summer camp as a child, you definitely missed out (sorry). At Day Camp in the Park, we want children to have the best summer

It’s almost summer time, our kids are so close to being out of school and not in their hectic schedules; its time to enjoy life! In this new savvy world we live in, we often find many Manhattan children are stuck inside playing video games or wasting their time on their iPads or computers. Most kids who live in Manhattan will never know what summer is really meant for. Summer