Nowadays children are so busy with cell phones, video games, texting, school, sports and homework. When they come to an adventure summer day camp near Nyack, kids begin to notice the world and their surroundings. They have so many activities that occupy their day and that can be shared with other kids their age. They might have a lengthy conversation with someone and learn how to express themselves better. At adventure summer camp, you can see children

For a lot of kids, participating in outdoor activities and playing sports is what summer vacation is all about! At Day Camp in the Park, our sports camp in Rockland County brings children that, “summer fun” every single day! Your child will have a fun filled summer experience by doing what they love, meeting new people, creating new friendships and learning new skills!  Looking for a fun and easy way to be

Does your son or daughter absolutely love nature? Do they love playing games, doing activities outdoors and making new friends to play outside with? At Day Camp in the Park, our nature camp near Bergen County, brings children on new nature adventures every single day! Your child will have a fun filled summer experience, meet new people, create new friendships and learn new skills!  Your children will have endless fun and adventure all summer