Day camp is often the highlight of summer activities in Tarrytown. Day Camp in the Park is located in New City, NY that offers a variety of programs and day camp activities to give your son or daughter an amazing summer filled with friends and memories. Why choose a day camp near Tarrytown? Parents often opt to select a day camp close to home. Day Camp in the Park is

Thinking back, summer camp was one of my best childhood memories. I went to summer camp near Manhattan and enjoyed every single second of it. I tried to participate in every single summer camp activity that was offered and don’t regret that at all. From kayaking and fishing to the talent shows and obstacle courses, summer camp was amazing. So when my son and daughter were old enough to attend

As a parent, what do you remember the most about summer as a child? Camp was, and still is, the highlight of kid’s and parent’s summers alike. Running around outside in the sun for hours at a time and then diving into the pool to cool off. What about the special trips and fun summer camp activities you got to take part in? Besides all of the fun that your

  Day Camp is great for Manhattan children because it’s where they can have the best time of their life enjoying new friends and the outdoors. Having fun playing and participating in exciting activities in a beautiful place with other kids is only one of the benefits of sending your kid to day camp. At day camp your Manhattan kid can feel proud of what they achieve while being acknowledged