People have been throwing around internet slang, but now it’s time to make sure we’re all on the same page with what our kids are texting each other.

  • YOLOYou Only live Once. A justification to do something you know will most likely get you in trouble.
  • TBHTo Be Honest. Allows a person to be completely honest or let a person know that they’re being truthful.
  • DMDirect Message. When a person says this on any platform they’re telling another to message them privately.
  • IRL In Real Life. To give people a sort of insight that what they’re saying relates or is happening to them in real life.
  • Facepalm – A term to show that what a person is saying or doing doesn’t make any sense; just plain idiotic.
  • SMHShaking My Head. Showing that you are disappointed or annoyed by someone.
  • Basic – Saying that the way a person is acting, speaking, or dressing is unoriginal or boring.
  • Shade – A way for someone to be disrespectful in a non-direct way.
  • Shook – Being completely surprised by someone in either a sarcastic or actual way.