Listen, we all know how fun adventures are, especially when you’re a kid! At Day Camp in the Park, our coed camp in Rockland County brings children on new adventures every single day! Your child will have a fun filled summer experience, meet new people, create new friendships and learn new skills! 

Looking for a fun and easy adventure to have without even leaving the yard? Check out our coed camp activities. Choose one of the many sports, art programs, etc. that interests your child and go ahead and try it out! Watch some videos online if you’re not sure how to play or what to do. If your son or daughter falls in love with it, then they continue once they get back to DCITP next summer!

Is your child worried about not having fun at our camp? Are they worried that aren’t going to be enough things to do to keep them occupied day in and day out? Well, Day Camp In the Park offers some of the following activities

Sports like:Basketball, Baseball, Street Hockey, Ball, Skateboarding, Kickball, Flag Football, etc! 

Arts, Crafts and Theater like: Jewelry Making, Arts and Crafts, Theater Crafts, etc!

Water Activities like: Swimming, Rowing, Sailing, Fishing, Kayaking, Water Trampoline, Iceberg Climbing Wall, Water Slides, Surfboards, etc! 

Is your son or daughter interested in attending the best coed camp in Rockland County next summer? Contact us at (845)-638-2515 for more information or to schedule an upcoming tour today!


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