While it may not be time for summer camp just yet, Day Camp in the Park is getting ready to make next summer even better than the last. The time to start signing up for camps is now, and the earlier that you do it, the more money and stress you will save! At DCITP, our summer camp near Westchester County is already counting down the days until our campers

Let’s be honest here, what child doesn’t want to go on an adventure? And while we’re still being honest, what parent wouldn’t want to go along with them?! At Day Camp in the Park, our adventure camp near Orange County brings children on new adventures every single day. But what kind of adventures can you and your child do together when camps not in session? DCITP has a few ideas

  Time for summer camp is fast approaching and Day Camp in the Park is getting ready to welcome your NYC camper. If time has crept up on you, it’s not too late to plan summer camp for your NYC kid. This is the time of year when there is excitement in the air, and the warmer weather brings hope to children as they start counting the days when school will

It’s become a tradition here in the United States, once school is out for the summer; millions of kids pack up and head off to have the time of their life at day camp. Day Camp in the Park, being one of the leading day camps near Nanuet, offers a wide range of activities and programs that will greatly benefit your child’s life. And to prove that, we have come

Being a camp director for fifteen years, one of the most common questions that parents ask me is, “should my son/daughter go to camp with a friend?” I can’t ever give them an answer. Deciding whether your son or daughter should go to a day camp near Haverstraw can only be made by you and your child. And there are a few things to consider when deciding: If you think